A Bad Company Touches the Heavens

Bad Company
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Treaty Type: PIAT
Treaty Status: Cancelled
A Bad Company Touches the Heavens was a PIAT signed between Bad Company and Pantheon.


From high on Mount Olympus
Down to the mortal plane,
There comes a righteous treaty
So pop bottles of champagne!

Bad Company and Pantheon,
What a marvel to behold.
A tremendous collaboration,
Millions of records will be sold.

This treaty is the start
Of a righteous full length album.
We aren’t really sure
How we have lived our lives without them.

Article I: PeaceEdit

The signatories of this treaty agree to refrain from conducting acts of warfare, espionage, or malevolence against each other. If this agreement is violated, the signatories have the right to request reparations.

Article II: IntelligenceEdit

In the event that one signatory obtains intelligence that could be vital to the security of the other party, they are obligated to share that intelligence with the other party. Failure to do so could result in the termination of this treaty.

Article III: Aid Edit

At any time, a signatory of this treaty may ask for aid of any kind from the other party. Either alliance may refuse a request, but, in the spirit of this document, they are encouraged to assist the requesting party as thoroughly as possible

Article IV: TerminationEdit

At any time, either signatory may cancel this treaty for any reason. If this happens, the signatory that wishes to leave must give the other party thirty-six hours notice of the cancellation.


Signed for Bad Company:

Board of Directors: Alexio15, DemonSpawn and Baronus

Chief Officers: Dylan, Hannah and Duchess Satine


Signed for Pantheon:

Titan: Ridcully

Olympian of Foreign Affairs: Lionstar

Olympian of Economics: Sphinx

Olympian of Defence: Don Jeric

Olympian of Internal Affairs: Madden8021

Deity of Foreign Affairs: Amid Bin Al Rasheed

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