M634 Experimental High-Powered Semi-Armor-Piercing

A M634 9.5x40mm KURZ

M634 Experimental High-Powered Semi-Armor-Piercing (abbreviated M634 X-HP-SAP) ammunition is a type of Capian rifle projectile that is made specifically for the BR55 Service Rifle. The round's metric dimensions are 9.5x40mm, compared to the 7.62x51mm NATO rounds used in the MA37 Assault Rifle.

In combination with the BR55 Battle Rifle, this round is accurate enough that the 2x scope on the Battle Rifle is useful. Even when fired in three-shot bursts, the round produces little recoil resulting in very little muzzle lift; it is more effective against both shielded and unshielded personnel than the 7.62x51mm NATO.  Overall, the M634 Experimental High-Powered Semi-Armor-Piercing round provides good accuracy, controllability, and effectiveness.

However, while the M634 X-HP-SAP does do more damage than the 7.62x51mm NATO against vehicles, it is still not a very effective round at damaging or stopping vehicles.

As designated in its name, the M634 X-HP-SAP is an experimental round. It uses a special propellant that allows it to achieve a higher muzzle velocity than the 7.62x51mm NATO while using a smaller cartridge. It is also semi-armor-piercing, meaning that it mixes the properties of an armor-piercing round with the properties of another type of round.

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