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4th GCB-GOS War
Part of the Micro Wars
Date July 12th 2016 - July 20th 2016
Casus belli Counter Raid by the GOS against the GCB.
Status GOS: 7 wins
GCB: 1 win
Truces: 1
Ties: 1
Preceded by
Silent War
Silent War
Succeeded by
Phoenix Food Raids

Soviet Union Flag.png
Global Communist Bloc

Scotland Flag.png
Guardians of Scotland


Soviet Union Flag.png Victorio Agila

Scotland Flag.png Joshua of Clan Mason

Fighting for Communism Fighting for Freedom for those oppressed by Communists

The 4th GCB-GOS War was a conflict between the alliances Global Communist Bloc and the Guardians of Scotland that began on July 12th 2016.


This very long lasting war was initiated after Joshua of Clan Mason and Zack of Clan Mason, both of GOS heavily defeated the GCB in retaliation of the attacks on the GOS by Handor, the former leader. In response, the GCB was forced to concede defeat. The GCB angered by the multitude of losses adding up on their side launched a counter attack only days later. The GOS was ready and immediately trounced them. The GOS was forcing the warring members of the GCB to fork over large sums of money and resources, but an agreement was reached where all active members of the GCB were all forced to fly Scottish flags for the next 48 hours. Heavily defeated the GCB had to rebuild for a long period of time leading to a Cold War-like rivalry. This was was only the 4th of 9 GOS-GCB Wars, with the GOS winning the first 4 wars, the next 3 being ended inconclusively, finally the GCB won 1 war. Eventually the League of Imperialists became slightly involved calling in Holy Britannian Empire. The HBE pummelled the smaller members of the GOS without a clear casus belli. Eventually the GOS disbanded but was reformed as the Knights of Scotland on December 16th 2017. This war gave Joshua of Clan Mason and his alliance a lot of attention. The wars were nicknamed the "Micro-Wars" and the "Crusade against Communism".

The final war between the Guardians of Scotland and the Global Communist Bloc occurred in December 2016, when in response to GOS raids against the lower tier of the Global Communist Bloc, Chairman Comrade TCB formulated an attack group to attempt to neuter the Scottish top tier. Operation Leveller was launched, its primary targets being the two-leaders of the GOS, Josh and Zach of Clan Mason. This offense was a massive success for the GCB, and it ground the GOS top tier into irrelevance and inactivity, the offensive was followed up by a series of smaller GCB offensives against the remaining combatants of the GOS, crippling the alliance and forcing it to disband. The Guardians of Scotland remained disbanded for a year, eventually forming as a new alliance, the Knights of Scotland, in December 2017.

Knights of Scotland

The Knights of Scotland were defeated in early 2018 by a coalition of Dragonstone, Communist International and (mostly) by Nordic Sea Raiders. Ending the Wars on Communism in the GCB's favor.